5 Popular Old School Tattoo Designs Which Are Worth Tattooing!

5 Popular Old School Tattoo Designs Which Are Worth Tattooing!

2019 Feb 6th

There has been an exponential growth in the tattoo industry. With so many designs and styles available, it can be really challenging to choose the perfect one. If you are among those who want to get tattooed with something more exclusive and promising, you can consider old school tattoos.

While these have been popular for many years, these are here to stay in the long run. Now when you think of an old school tattoo, you immediately conjure up with the images of a tattoo heart with a banner slaying "Mom". But seriously, that’s not!

There are a ton of gorgeous old school tattoo designs which you can get inked over your body for a more modish and classy look. From bikers and sailors to the millennial working in IT sector, everyone has been found grooving for them. These can include all sorts of imagery like hearts, stars, anchors, and daggers. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most promising ideas here:

  1. Swallow Tattoos: These were introduced by sailors as a sign of hop of safe homecoming. As swallows are tiny little birds which symbolizeprosperity, goodhealth, freedom, protection and strength, these were earlier used as symbol of liberty by those who were freed from the prison. However, with passage of time this pretty design became popular among common people too.
  2. Anchor Tattoos: From celebrities to common people, these are liked by both men and women immensely. These have been appreciated for their aesthetic value and symbolic meaning. It clearly stands for faith, determination, hope and belief. You can get them with few other design elements such as birds, roses, ropes and hearts.
  3. Compass Tattoos: It is highly popular among sailors, adventurers, travelers, and navigators.These are derived from the device which is much used for navigation. Basically, it stands for direction and is believed to inspire the bearer to follow the right direction in life. So it is a mark to take you towards the achievement of lie goals.
  4. Native American Tattoos: Though these have been related to tribal culture of ancient times, yet Native American tattoos are essential element of old school designs. Having a strong connection with tribal heritage, these are meaningful to certain tribal customs and traditions. As far as the widely used Native American designs are concerned, these include feathers, dreamcatcher, natural forces,animals, and human heads.
  5. Heart Tattoos: You can now get old school tattoos in great variety. Form a winged heart, sacred heart, bleeding heart, broken heart, to a pierced heart, you can use them signify anything you can relate to. Stating the emotions and feelings of the heart, these deeply related to love, compassion and friendship. While these are preferred more by lovers but even other people who want to express their feelings for loved ones, children,parents, friends and family members, can get them.

All of these are elegant and meaningful. You can pick any or even ask your artist modify them a little as per your personality. Besides, make sure you are ready for it. Nothing to worry! It was just a reminder of the silent fact- tattoos are painful.

The good thing is that you can cope up with this using a reliable numbing cream. For instance, you can trust a topical anesthetic, NumbSkin cream which has to be applied to your skin 45 minutes before you get a tattoo. The application will dull the pain of the needle for three to four hours. This means even if you have a low pain threshold, you can get a tattoo without any fear. Want to buy it online? Place your orders here.