6 Basic Ear Piercing Safety Tips To Follow

6 Basic Ear Piercing Safety Tips To Follow

2019 Jan 9th

Living in the age of fashion and experimentation it is quite obvious for you to try out different forms of body modification. Amidst all other types, the one which has ruled the fashion industry like a pro is none other than ear piercing. Around 66 percent of the females adore earlobe piercings for one or the other reason. 

Are you thinking about getting your ear pierced?

Well, it is a popular choice and the best part is that you do not have to worry too much about the healing period. Though getting ear piercing infection is a rarity, yet there are few things you need to keep in mind to keep your body organ safe. Below are listed some simple ears piercing safety tips to follow.

  1. Look for an experienced practitioner: One of the most important things to do is to undertake some research. You can either proceed online for this or you can consult people for word of mouth discussions. Even if you get to know a piercer online, do check the reviews by their previous customers. It is essential to know about the reputation and standards of the salon before you let them handle your skin.
  2. Keep it pain-free: Yes, piercings are painful. However, with the availability of numbing creams you can easily keep yourself away from discomfort. Use of a topical anesthetic solution like NumbSkin cream will make your skin numb for three to four hours. Hence, there will be no pain involved as it desensitizes your skin and you will not feel any sensations.
  3. Say no to piercing guns: Gone are the days when piercing guns used to be a prominent tool in every piercing parlor. Though they were less stressful, fast and hassle-free option, yet the problem was with their hygiene. These guns are hard to sterilize and use of unsterilized tools can lead to post piercing infection. You need to make sure that the parlor doesn’t make use of guns to pierce your ears.
  4. Keep your hands germ-free: It is the basic but very easy to forget tip. People generally reach up to feel their new piercing with their dirty hands. Now every time you touch the lobe area with unclean hands you are making your skin prone to infection as your hands can easily transmit bacteria into the site. Especially, if your piercing is not healed properly, then problem can be worse.
  5. Choose right jewelry: After getting the piercing done, you will be excited about adoring it with jewelry. While purchasing the same for your piercings ensure to use a high quality metal. This doesn’t have to be allergic and must suit your skin type. To check on what suits your skin well, you can even try wearing the metal against your skin before piercing. If there is any reaction, you should never wear the certain type of jewelry.
  6. Invest in correct cleaners: After you get the piercing done, it is necessary to keep the area clean and infection-free. For this make sure you use cleansers and sanitizers which are designed specifically for newly pierced ears. If you are using a wrong cleanser this might lead to burns or other reactions. 

So when you are planning to get ear piercing done, you can avoid any kind of complications by following these basic tips. These will be helpful to provide the best possible care to the newly pierced holes. Just follow them and it will be a smoother experience.