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2019 Nov 20th

To retain youthful experience people are opting for Botox cosmetic procedure which is popular worldwide for its efficacy. The Botox drug called botulinum toxin is extracted from neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria which is a proven therapeutic protein. When the dosage and frequency of injecting the skin with this drug is right it can help in reducing wrinkle lines which make you appear old.

The drug weakens the muscles in the facial area temporarily and reduces the wrinkles of a youthful appearance. It is effective in face areas including laugh lines, creases on the sides of the mouth, wrinkles around the corner of the eyes and other facial wrinkles. The treatment is opted for by the people in the age group of 20-30 and it is commonly done by women. In fact only 9% of reported Botox treatments are done by men.

This non-invasive procedure is very safe as if got done by a professional. The patient will notice the effects after three to five days of the treatmentwith more visible results achieved in just 14 days. People having stronger facial muscles might see the results a few days later. With time the first Botox treatment will result in smoother skin for three to six months before it starts to fade away and wrinkles will reappear.

The first time Botox treatment will not have the most exceptional results that you anticipate and you’ll have to go for multiple treatments to get the desired effects. Normally it takes two to three sessions in a span of a year to expect fruitful results. Since the muscles of facial area are conditioned and respond to the drug, the skin gets more time to regenerate collagen and the lines and wrinkles are filled.

Is it painful?

For first timers the main concern is the pain during the procedure. As there are going to be needles in your face, you’d expect it to be painful. On the contrary, it is not painful, and almost comparable to what you’ll feel like during acupuncture. Even if you feel a faint pain for a few seconds when the drug is injected, ask for a numbing cream/lotion to numb the pain.

Things to keep in mind

After the treatment avoid intense physical activity and don’t consume too much alcohol or avoid it totally.

There’s can be allergic reactions like redness or swelling of skin due to over dosage of the drug, especially if you get it done from an inexperienced practitioner.

Enquire about the Botox injection – the brand and expiry date.

The injection should not be diluted to keep the cost down, so avoid practitioners who are doing it for a very low cost as they might be diluting the injection.

If not done properly or injected in the wrong spot, the drug can spread to your facial nerves, resulting in expressionless face or drooping of skin.

If you have swollen or dry eyes, constant headaches, neck pain, vision problems like double vision or allergic reactions immediately consult your doctor.

After the treatment if you experience difficulty in breathing, heart palpitation, edema, loss of bladder control or have difficulty in breathing it is time to seek expert advice as the procedure might not have been done as intended.

Like all other cosmetic treatments, Botox too has its own risks if not done properly, so it is important to research about the medical professional and discuss all the implications and the expected results.

Top 5 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting Botox

With 11 million Americans investing hundreds of dollars per Botox session, the process seems to be quite effective. If you are looking for a solution to erase existing wrinkles, you must be considering it. Just before you rush to make an appointment at a nearby clinic, here is something you need to know.

Botox- What Is It Actually?

You might have heard many fabulous stories about this procedure. But only few know that ‘Botox’ is actually the trade name for a poisonous substance. When injected into the skin, it inhibits the muscle movement and prevents wrinkles from developing. So the name came from the word ‘botulous’, i.e. sausage. As stated that the substance is related to naturally occurring poison, it is commonly found in bad meat products.

Here you need to understand that the high levels of this poison can lead to paralyzing muscles. But then how it has turned out into one of the most popular cosmetic treatments?

What Makes Botox Popular?

While it has been described a poisonous substance, it all makes a difference due to purity which makes it safe for cosmetic purposes. There are Botulinum toxin injections which are used for medical treatments and help relax facial muscles. For years these have been used to makes lines and wrinkles less obvious. You can use them to treat aging signs such as crow's feet and frown lines vanish temporarily without the need for surgery.

How It Works?

During the process a liquid will be injected inside the skin using a needle. So this is going to be painful. But you can escape pain easily and make it bearable using a numbing solution. For this all you will need a topical anesthetic cream. Apply NumbSkin cream before Botox session and as it carries 5% of lidocaine(a numbing agent), it desensitize your skin for three to four hours.

And once you get injected you will be able to reduce signs including:

Smile lines

Horizontal forehead wrinkles

Nasal frown lines

Crunch lines


Brow furrows

Facial creases

How Longer The Results Will Last?

Already it is stated above that Botox produces temporarily effects. It works by paralyzing the facial muscles and the results are amazing. But these are short-lived. The drug which produces the results restricts the muscles to contract. This means your nerves will be blocked and it will prevent formation of new wrinkles. Usually, the results are instant. However, in some cases it can take up to two to four days for best outcomes.

Is It Really Safe?

The process is safe if administered by a highly experienced professional and given in much diluted version. As bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin calls for an expert, never try it at home. Choose someone more experienced and professional who can inject it into your face in small and appropriate doses.

Lastly, you need to understand that it is not for everyone. A person with good health can give it a try. But if you are a pregnant women or nursing mothers, try not to for such a treatment. Along this, if you are affected by any of these then Botox is not for you:

Myasthenia gravis

Motor neuropathy

Lambert-Eaton syndrome

ALS (Lou Gehrig's)

Allergy to human albumin.

Hope you have a clear understanding now!

5 Different Types Of Facial Wrinkles With Botox

If you are worried for aging signs, these are inevitable result of living. With the growing age numbers, the muscle tone of your face increases. And this increase along with decreased collagen metabolism leads to formation of wrinkles.

While there is nothing wrong with wrinkles and there is not much to worry, but still people don’t wish them to exist. This is the biggest reason why the global anti aging market is expected to cross US$ 216 Billion by 2021. It is pretty clear that people are willing to spend a good amount of money on smoothing out the aging signs.

As far as the best and most efficient way is concerned, Botox rules the cosmetic industry for a number of reasons. Let’s explore what all type of facial wrinkles can be treated using Botox.

1. Forehead Wrinkles: This is something everyone will have during their life. As far as the reason for their occurrence is known, it can be due to everyday activities like laughing, smiling, and frowning. Together these natural activities contribute to wrinkles on the forehead. Injecting Botox will relax the muscles and smooth the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

2. Bunny lines: The lines occurring on the bridge of the nose are said to be bunny lines. Similar to other facial expression lines, even these tend to arrivenaturally. So if someone regularly crinkles their nose, might be when they laugh, you can expect them. Along this, bunny lines can also appear following Botox shots.

3. Glabellar Lines: Basically, glabella is a patch of skin between the eyebrows and above the nose. It is the major reason why Botox is getting into the mainstream. For the treatment of glabellar lines people prefer botulinum toxin as it produces efficient results.

4. Crow's Feet: Are you dealing with a branching wrinkle coming across the outer corner of your eye? Also referred to periorbital lines or lateral canthal lines, these are wrinkles that branch from the outer corners of the eyes when you smile. These are said to be principally caused by photoaging. Botox can be used to cure the same.

5. Lipstick Lines: These are fine lines around the mouth, and are telltale signs of the growing age and those unhealthy habits like smoking. Therefore, some people call them smoker’s lines too. With help of Botox you can provide volume to plump the lip and fill those lines without adding much bulk to them.

So you can switch to Botox shots for treating various types of wrinkles. Also, it is advised to make certain lifestyle modifications to prevent their occurrence at a faster speed. This will include avoidance of sun exposure, eating healthy diet, smoking cessation, and much more.

Lastly, if you are going for Botox, you need to know that it is a painful process. Hence, you need to keep a numbing cream handy. Use of a topical anesthetic cream can save you from the suffering. NumbSkin cream is one such numbing solution that comes with 5% lidocaine. When applied to your skin, it will block the pain signals for three to four hours. This means you won’t fear any discomfort. Be aware, be safe.