Checkout the Top Piercing Trends that you can't miss out.

Checkout the Top Piercing Trends that you can't miss out.

2019 Nov 5th

Whether you are entering into the world of body art, or you have already experienced it earlier, piercings can be a challenging task. This form of body styling is overwhelming and it just allows the wearer unleash their aesthetic sense.

With this there is another side of piercing, which if done wrong way or is not taken care of, can cause regret for lifetime. There is a lot to consider if you wish to keep it in fine state, ranging from its placement, choosing the right jewelry to much more.

To make a wise decision, here are some points to consider before heading to the piercing studio. Checkout:

  1. Certified Piercer: To get a fine piercing, you must look for a reputed piercer. If you are in dubious state, you can always share your doubts and queries with Association of Professional Piercers. They can guide you with the approved professionals, along with the latest update on techniques and safety standards.
  2. Pain Factor: If someone says that piercings don’t hurts, he is lying to you. A needle like object is inserted through your skin, and it will be painful. Though the level of piercing can vary, yet discomfort is present. It is equally true that the pain level will not be same across the body. However, the good thing is that you can make it painless with help of numbing solution. Use of a topical anesthetic like NumbSkin cream can desensitize your skin. It will block the pain signals and this will make the entire process pain free.
  3. Jewelry Selection: The next thing to think about is the jewelry. Before you get it done, you must familiarize with the popular choices and widely used jewelry types. Look for what all is in trend and you can ask your piercer to guide you for the metal to be chosen. They can explain how jewelry works and what should be avoided to keep infections at bay. It is ideal if you wear the initial jewelry as per the piercer’s guidance. Later, once your piercing is healed, you can think for other jewelry types. After it gets into good shape, you can opt for ornamented and more elaborate pieces.
  4. Visibility: There are people who like to get the body parts pierced which are more visible. If you are among those who want to flaunt their new style, you must look for lip piercings, eyebrow piercings, cheek piercings, and ear piercings. But in case, you wish to keep it bit personal, you can count on piercings such as belly button, nipple, tongue, or genitals. These are more done for personal taste.
  5. Risks and Issues: The next most important thing you need to know before getting your piercing done is to ensure that what all risks involved. You should maintain a good health and there should be no underlying conditions. Even if you have picked right jewelry and are working with reliable professionals, there can be some potential risks involved.

Lastly, if you are a minor, you need to know that every state has some laws regarding the body modification. Hence, before you indulge into piercing or tattooing, you might require your parents’ consent. You need to follow your state laws to avoid any hassles.

Piercing has been one of the most popular forms of body modifications. As for as the trends are concerned, these come and go very quickly. It feels like very hard to keep up with them. However, there is a lot to try for you.

The rising trend of ear piercings...

To start with, it would be best to discuss about the most common place for getting a piercing done. Of course, it is none other than your ears. Though these are highly common, yet these have been always in trend in one form or the other. Nowadays you will find mostly the below listed styles of ear piercing:

  • The helix piercing: This one is super fashionable and is rising in trend since last several years. You can adore it with studs, hoops, bead rings, etc. Then there are many options to get a helix piercing done. You can choose any among single, double, or triple helix. Just you need to know one thing that this can be a little more painful. However, you don’t need to steer away from the same. Using a reputed numbing cream can be a solution for the suffering experienced during any kind of body modification. For example, you can use NumbSkin cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. When applied to your skin this number cream will desensitise your skin for three to four hours. Hence, you won’t feel any pain during the process.
  • The tragus piercing: If you want to go for something really elegant and classy, tragus piercing is your answer. This one is simply amazing and a popular choice among the millennial. A simple bead or a gem can be added to beautify your newly pierced tragus. You have quite good options for the jewellery. Here you need to make sure that the piercing is healed properly before you add a jewel to it. In any case, this one is going to rule the trend book for sure.

Era of facial piercings...

Coming to the next part, the new trend incorporate a good number of facial piercings. But the one which is all set to rule the fashion world is none other than nostril piercing. In the years gone by, it was septum to be more popular. However, nostril piercing has turned out to be more beautiful and voguish in different ways. Today you can get a single piercing or you can double it up on one side as per your requirement. There are many people who get it done on each side. So it is up to you how are extra fancy you want to be. As far as the jewellery is concerned, you can go for a hoop or gem top.

The modish body piercings...

Why only try piercing on your face or ears? Definitely, you can go for different form of body piercings. Among these there is one which is making waves. It is loved by women and men equally. Yes, it is about nipple piercing. People of all age and areas are getting it done. And the best part is you have endless number of jewellery options for this type. From mermaid nipples to vampire teeth, the list is very long. Above all, getting this type of body modification done adds a little secret to your life. So, if you are someone who wants to keep the love for piercing hidden from the world, this might help you.

What is your take on piercing? Which one do you prefer the most?

Face piercing can be a tough decision. Not because it is irreversible and painful in the starting, but also people start judging your personality the way you have pierced your face. Yes, your attitude and overall personal appeal are opined on the basis of the style you choose. So, before going for face piercing, look at all the options available and pick the right one.

Pro Tip: Not just face piercing ideas, but you must consider the piercer as well. He/ she must be experienced one and can advise you for the best piercing styles and choose the safe way to do it so that you don’t repent for your decision after getting any infection.

Now let’s go through the best face piercing ideas:

  • Nick Piercing: Nick Anzalone, the famous Seattle piercer, started this piercing style, that’s why it’s famous for his name. Its exit point is underneath of eye’s orbital and it actually starts inside the mouth from the highest point.
  • Labret or Chin Piercing: This piercing enters below the lower lip inside the mouth and exits above the chin. It’s a perfect way to as the spark to your smile. It doesn’t exactly attach to the lower lip, but appear just below it. It has been titled in the name of jewelry, Labret, basically used for perforation.
  • Austin Bar Piercing: This piercing is done on the nose without affecting the nostrils. Meaning thereby, the piercing goes horizontally through the nose tip without affecting the septum.
  • Jestrum Lip Piercing: This is vertical Medusa piercing, done on the upper lip. It has two exits with one in philtrum area, placing above the lip and second under the lip. This cool piercing brings you in the spotlight. You can use different jewelry on both the exit spots.
  • Ashley Lip Piercing: The extraordinary and cool piercing, Ashley is also most prevalent among girls. This vertical Labret piercing is done on the lower lip and particularly in the middle of the lower lip with two exits. One exit spot is inside the mouth and another one is outside the lower lip.
  • Bridge Piercing: Commonly prevalent as Erl, this piercing takes place between the eyes. The skin that appears between both the eyes is the area where it is actually done. As the flesh on the bridge of the nose is not much, so, it’s risky and jewelry also doesn’t stay here for a long time.
  • Nose Piercing: This one is quite common. It doesn’t go through the flesh, but through cartilage, as it heals in a different way. In most of the cases, it takes more time to get healed comparing other ways of piercing. After earlobes, it’s the most prevalent way of facial piercing.

These are just a few styles of face piercing. There can be many options, on and around the ear, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, and even within the mouth. Whatever you choose, you must first go through all precautions, care, after-effects, skin problems and all, before making any choice.

Last note;

Here you need to understand that piercing is a painful process. Despite of latest tools and techniques available, it is going to be an uncomfortable experience. For this, you must keep a numbing cream handy. You can trust a FDA compliant product like NumbSkin cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. It is a trusted and reliable anesthetic solution which can be used for all skin types. Basically, it works by blocking the pain signals the nerve endings. This means, your skin will be desensitized for three to four hours. During the same period you can easily get the piercing done of your choice. So before you choose any of the above stated piercing options, make sure you are ready to combat the pain.