Droopy Eye: Causes and Treatment

Droopy Eye: Causes and Treatment

Posted by Numbskin on 2019 Jan 3rd

While you were looking in the mirror, you just spotted those sleepy-looking eyes? Might be just one of your upper eyelids appeared to be sagging a little, covering your pupil.

childhood eyelid ptosis

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Certainly, it is nothing like ‘normal’. In fact, it can be ptosis which is also referred ‘drooping’. Sometimes it is found on one of your eye else it can be on both of the eyelids too.In the beginning, it will be barely noticeable and might not necessarily affect your vision. It will be accompanied by dry or watery eyes. And therefore, it is also referred to " lazy eye".

What is Ptosis Or Droopy Eyes?

To understand this, first you need to know a little about your eye structure. The eyelids are made up of two folds of the thinnest skin, serving some really important purposes. This includes protection of your eyes from foreign bodies, dryness, and excess strain. Now when you sleep the eyelids spread tears evenly around your eyes. It is a natural process to keep your eyes hydrated and let them rejuvenate by blocking light. But due to one factor or the other, sometimeseyelids can become slack and droop.

In fact, it might lead to problems with vision, health conditions, and cosmetic concerns. As the upper eyelid is connected to muscleswhich hold it in place, you are required to move it up and down in order to cover or uncover your eye. The supporting muscle helps is really small and there is a muscle under the skin of your eyebrow which help to raise your eyelids. Due to any weakness or damage in any or all three of these muscles, leads to droopeyelid.

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Coming to the reasons behind getting droopy eyelids will be different in every case. It can vary anywhere from the natural causes for droopy eyelids to serious health conditions where these are just a by-product. Being common people turning older, it is believed to be caused due to the natural aging process majorly. In such a case, the muscle which is responsible for lifting the eyelidstretches out. So it becomes less effective to keep the eyelid open.

Here you need to understand that ptosis can develop in young people too. Termed as congenital droopy eyes, it can be an early sign of the muscles not developing properly. It calls for greater attention as the eyelid can cover the pupil, making it problematic in the vision. You might be suggested for a surgery.

Are You Bothered by Sagging?

If drooping eyelids or wrinkled skin around your eyes is a reason to worry, you need to know that these can be treated using some non-surgical options. Yes, it is possible with filler injections, products which contain botulinum toxins such as Botox. These have proved to help tighten the sagging skin and smoothening out the wrinkles. When injected to your skin, it will act on the weaken muscles in the crow’s-feet area around the eye. Hence, you will achieve a more youthful look.

Lastly, Botox shots are safe to use but the only fear is for the pain. You can make it pain-free using a topical anesthetic cream. Yes, you can switch to numbing product like  NumbSkin cream which can desensitize your skin for few hours. Hence, when the shots will be given, it won’t hurt at all.