How to Treat Ear Piercing Infections?

How to Treat Ear Piercing Infections?

2019 Mar 26th

Got your ears pierced recently? Despite of the fact that ear piercings are one of the most loved and common style, there are pretty good chances for the same getting infected.

Are you dealing with redness, swelling, or continuous flow of pus at the site?

Then your piercing is certainly not in good shape and it is quite normal in initial healing stage. But if this sustain even after one to two weeks, then there is something to worry. Some signs of ear piercing infection include:

  • Slight bleeding with pus discharge
  • Fever, marks and streaks
  • Itching around the piercing site
  • Redness and feeling heat around the piercing area
  • Swelling and discharging of yellow pus

Before you start with the treatment, it is essential to understand that you need to take every necessary step to prevent this infection from spreading. For instance, if it itches a lot, you need to resist that urge to scratch the spot at every cost. In case it becomes relentless, you can switch to use of a topical anesthetic cream. Yes, usage of a product like NumbSkin cream can help resist itching and scratching, preventing it from becoming worse.

Besides, here are some simple home remedies which you can try to treat your skin.

Salt water treatment: Being one of the effective home remedies, saline soak can be used to treat infection with ease.You will just need little amount of mild saltwater solution for cleansing purpose. Just boil some water in a container and add sea salt to it. Let it cool and with a cotton ball apply it to your skin. This will clean the spot and help the cells to rejuvenate in the pierced area. Meanwhile, it keeps the cells hydrated and removes the excess of fluidaccumulated around the wound. Also use of saline water will open capillaries to makes the blood flow smooth and fasten up the healing process.

Neem:Trust this natural remedy to prevent infection and heal your piercing at the earliest. Neem has been used in different forms to treat fungal infections, bacterial infections, and other inflammations. For your ear piercing infections, just take a handful of neem leaves and boil it in water. When the water becomes dark green in color remove it from boil and let it cool. Use cotton balls to apply this solution several times a day.

Turmeric: You can try this anti-septic and anti-bacterial remedy available at your home to treat the ear piercing infection. As turmeric is rich in curcumin, it heals the wounds and cuts quickly. You will require warm water and a pinch of turmeric in it. Make a paste out of it and soak a cotton ball with this mixture. Apply it to you skin and repeat it twice in a day for best results.

Apart from this, there is a list of precautions you must follow to keep your piercings in good shape.

  • For some days sleep on your back to prevent your pierced spot from touching the sheets or blankets.
  • Make use of antibacterial soap to wash your hands before touching your piercings.
  • Strictly avoid pools, saunas, and hot tubs.

These were some of the effective ideas to heal the symptoms of the ear piercing. Follow them and in case the problem doesn’t seem to be under your control, rush to physician immediately.