Laser Tattoo Removal: How to make it painless?

Laser Tattoo Removal: How to make it painless?

2019 Feb 8th

Are you planning for a laser tattoo removal?

You are already aware of the pain of getting inked. And chances are that you now worry for the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal, right? Well, the pain caused during a laser session varies from person to person. For some it is similar to getting a tattoo, to other it can be painless. However, it cannot be completely denies that laser tattoo removal won’t be painful.

What makes laser tattoo removal painful?

You might be wondering what make people afraid of undergoing this procedure. Actually, during a laser process, there are intense beams of light which are used to break the ink pigments beneath the skin. Now when these high intensity beams strike through your skin surface, it causes a tingling sensation which can be painful for some. So if you have plans to go through the process, make sure you are ready for the suffering.

Can laser tattoo removal be painless?

If you want to make laser pain-free, you can go for skin numbing solutions. It will help to block the pain signals and you can be comfortable. Here are some options to make your skin numb.

Try ice packs:You can try heat and cold packs. These have a deep association with pain. Generally, ice packs are referred to be a good selection to ease out that pain of laser tattoo removal. Hence, you can consider application of ice packs as skin numbing alternative. The best part is that it is very easy and cost-efficient method. Also, there is no equipment investment required. However, a patient’s skin will be numb for a short while. If you are looking for numb skin for somewhere three to four hours, this might not be useful.\

Cold air machines: These are in high demand at all high volume tattoo removal clinics. Well known to provide fast and convenient skin numbing, it works amazingly to ease out the people going through a painful procedure. What makes this treatment most trustworthy is that it can be applied to the skin before, during, and,even after the laser treatment! Yes, it exceptionally reliable. However, it is super expensive. If you are doing it for yourself, it will not be a wise decision to invest too much.

Switch to topical numbing creams: While ice packs are not reliable, on the other hand cold air machines are too costly. The finest, safest, and cost-effective solution is with numbing creams. These are very much in trend these days. From body piercing, dermabrasion, tattooing, waxing to laser tattoo removal, these creams are used for number of reasons. Just make sure you pick a reliable and reputed cream. You can trust NumbSkin cream which is a good anesthetic solution with 5% lidocaine. It is an over-the-counter formulation which can be purchased without doctor’s prescription. It has been recommended and used for by number of tattoo artists. And it is quite easy to use. Just apply it over the skin 45 minutes prior to the procedure, and it will block the pain signals for somewhere around four hours.

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