Tattoos you must try on!

2019 Dec 16th

Have you been thinking about getting a thigh tattoo? These might not be a preferred choice in the early days. However, in the last decade a severe rise in the popularity of the same has been observed.

Have a look at the Google Trend graph proving the above statement.

thigh tattoo stats

These look trendy and classy. But these are often said to be more painful. Thanks to the availability of numbing cream that makes any type of tattooing pain-free. Yes, you can overcome the fear of pain using a topical anesthetic solution like NumbSkin cream. For those which want to know why to use numbing cream, need to understand that it comes with 5% lidocaine. This cream has to be applied 45 minutes before you start with the process. Its application will desensitize the skin for around 3 to 4 hours. So you don’t need to suffer. As this cream is easily available over the counter, you don’t need to search for how to buy NumbSkin cream? Either you can buy it from a nearby store or place your orders here.

Rest, if you aren’t able to choose the right design, here is some help. Below you will find some exclusive thigh tattoo ideas. Have a look:

1. Anchor Thigh Tattoo: Being used to keep a ship in one place an anchor is linked with something which is heavy, and can sink deep. It is the ability of an anchor which represents one’s endurance, stability, and power to keep things together. So having an anchor tattoo you can simply indicate the same message.

2. Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo: From a quite good time, dreamcatcher tattoos have been popular. But do you know these come with a strong history? Actually, it was Anishinabe tribe to believe that a mythical spider woman visited their newborns when they were asleep, and spun a web for their protection. As she couldn’t visit all the infants, women out there learnt to make dreamcatchers and protect their babies. Now this is being used in various forms, including tattoos, across the world.

3. Garter Thigh Tattoo: Gone are the days when garters were a necessity. Being used to hold women’s stockings, or hide cash, a small gun, and sometime, alcohol, these were quite popular in early days. Even today these are loved for various reasons and can be worn permanently on thighs.

4. Peony Thigh Tattoo: Basically, these are flowers which look good everywhere, even on your thighs. It looks and feels more feminine. But you really have a good number of choices in term of colors, sizes, and designs.

5. Quote Thigh Tattoo: Everyone have one or more inspiring quotes in their life. And these are perfect to be inked on your body. You can adorn it gracefully wearing shorts, dresses, and miniskirts.

6. One Word Thigh Tattoo: For those who don’t want to make it a big affair, they can choose just one word for their thighs. These look best when done with special fonts. You can discuss it with your artist. It might be a name, a specific date, or just any other word like infinity, love, hope, forgiveness, or whatever you believe in the most.

7. Skull Thigh Tattoo: When you wish to go bit tough, skull tattoos are a good choice. These are ideal for those who look like innocent and good, but have a character opposite to their appearance. No, this never means you have to be dangerous or involved in criminal activities. It is just that these skull tattoos make you look extra tough.

8. Dragonfly Thigh Tattoo: It is one of the tattoo ideas which go amazing with almost every part of your body. Regardless of their size and position, these creatures represent harmony, change, prosperity, and good luck.

Which one is your favorite?

For all the girls who wish to get creative and self-expressive, you can go for tattooing. This form of body art is being loved by young women all over the world.

Infinity tattoo design

The only thing which stops them from getting the same is the fear of pain. But now there is a solution to this too. Yes, if you need to have a painless tattoo, you can count on a topical anesthetic cream like NumbSkin.

Why use a numbing cream for tattooing?

It will desensitize your skin within 45 minutes of application. Being highly efficient and safe to use, the effect will last for somewhere around 4 hour. As it caters longer-lasting relief from pain, it blocks the pain signals and makes tattoos pain-free. Moreover, it is recommended and used by industry experts for various skin treatments.

Now if you are seeking answer for how to buy NumbSkin cream, just relax. It is available at your nearest medical shop or you can buy it by placing your orders online. It will not require any doctor's prescription.

So your one and major problem is sorted. What next? Choosing the right and meaningful design, right?

Below you will find a list of some classy and trendy ideas:

1. Arrow: Want a simple and subtle tattoo design with significant meaning? What about getting an arrow tattoo? If you have a single arrow, it represents a path towards an object or goal. Whereas as a bunch of arrows will represent protection and preparedness.

2. Infinity: Stating the never-ending opportunities and reincarnation, these designs can include feathers, and even birds. The infinity symbol stands for freedom and infinite possibilities.

3. Birds: Now different birds have different meanings. For instance, eagles are linked with freedom, doves represent peace, swallows are associated with searching for a way to home, and so on. However, girls prefer adoring a hummingbird tattoo.

4. Lotus Flower: Basically, an opened lotus flower is termed to be the opening of the soul analogically. While these will look very really cool, these are ideal for those who want to be specific. A cool flower tattoo representing enlightenment and perfection can be added to your body.

5. Dream Catcher: While this tattoo offers protection against evil spirits, it tends to brings peace and joy to your life. Basically, it is a popular Native American talisman which is believed to prevent bad dreams. It helps you sleep peacefully.

6. Angel Wings: Another design which comes with several meanings, it symbolizes guidance, freedom, inspiration, and protection. Also angel wing tattoos have spiritual meaning. You can wear these to represent freedom from something or just if you wish to fly towards a goal and dream. Generally, females like to get wings tatted on both shoulder blades.

7. Musical Symbol: If you are a music lover, this can be the best and simplest choice. Whether you love to sing, play an instrument, or compose, you can easily reflect your passion for music with tattooing. It can be represented with the help of notes or your favorite musical instrument. Usually, girls prefer getting some musical symbols drawn.

8. Zodiac Sign: These are cool, classy, and in trend. Girlies prefer a tattoo of the actual animal which is inspired by their zodiac. For instance a scorpion can go for a real Scorpio and a Leo can choose lion.

9. Dragonfly: Being a creature of both air and water, it is perfect for those who describe themselves as explorer, adventurer, or wanderer. While air represents flight and advancement, it is the water which is symbolic to exploration.

10. Feather: Wearer of this tattoo reaffirms your decision to live freely. As feathers are linked with the concept of freedom, you can get one it you are a free bird.

Tattoos you can try on the Special Day.

Body art is highly in trend these days. People love to go for different things. But, when it comes to a tattoo, things become extreme. Earlier they were popular among celebrities, but now everyone wants to get a tattoo and that too the most exclusive design. If you have landed here looking for some fresh tattoo ideas, the below-listed designs will surely be useful. Check out and choose one that suits your personality. Be careful while choosing a tattoo design, it will be with you for entire life time. Be cautious and choose the one that will be with you for your whole life.

It is generally said- diamonds are forever! But, what if your diamond gets out of your ring or your ring falls from your finger without letting you know? Well, considering this, get your engagement done in a unique way, getting inked something on your body permanently. Something which lasts forever in the true sense and keeps making your love falling towards you, whenever they see a tattoo.

When it comes to tattoos for engagement purpose, nothing works better than ring tattoos. But, there are still many great tattoo ideas that you can pick as a couple for your engagement. Check here:

A Curvy Tattoo Ring

This is the most loved tattoo until now, which is picked by a couple. It suits both men and women. One can get it done in various shapes like heart, leaves, and so on.

Diamond Ring Tattoo

No doubt, people love diamonds. But, a fear of losing it makes them say no to diamonds. So, here you can pick this idea. This is a huge stone tattoo that takes up a considerable space on the finger and obtusely seems as though it was finished by a not all that expert. It is an awesome thought if one could get an incredible tattoo craftsman to do it.

Jagged Spiral Ring

This winding outline in a spiral form is definitely another great idea that is open to pick. It has a spectacular look for those who are looking for more than just a basic.

Tattoos With Initials

Also, if you are not at all interested in curves and another shape. You can simply pick your bride or groom’s first alphabet to get inked. And, if not this you can write a few words like- Mr. /Mrs., I do, or words that you love to call your beloved by name.

Love Quote Tattoos

Couples can even go for one line quotes or a song lyric that best suits their life. If there is a specific melody which relates to the relationship, might utilize one of the lyrics to be a tattoo. Another alternative is for the couple to get a tattoo of a quote which is vital to both of them. It might be about how intensely they feel towards their adoration or life.

Love Symbol Tattoos

A relationship depends on love and loyalty. Subsequently, it would sound right to consider engagement tattoos an image of affection. There are loads of engagement tattoo ideas accessible to choose from. The most critical thing is to remember that regardless of the possibility that the marriage does not work out well, a tattoo will, in any case, be illustrative of the life that the couple imparted to each other. Keep in mind that, generally as getting hitched, the determination to get a tattoo should not be taken as just another thing.

There are many other reasons why people get addicted to tattoos. But if you wish to get any tattoo in near future, be aware of the pain incurred during the entire process. To get rid of the pain associated with tattooing, it is advised to make use of an effective numbing cream like Numb Skin that contains 5% lidocaine effective enough to numb the affected area, making the entire tattooing process painless.