2019 Mar 6th

Are you looking forward to tattooing or piercing? Or you are yearning for a painless Botox session? There can be many reasons which made you search for – different ways to numb your skin.

From body modification procedures to anti- aging treatments, there are many processes which involve some level of pain. Most of them make use of needle in one way or the other. Hence, saying that they will be not painful, will be unfair. However, the good thing is that there are chances for you to make them painless. Wondering how?

It is possible with help of numbing solutions. Yes, you read that right! Numbing your skin can help you go through any similar procedure without experiencing any discomfort. Now the question arises, what type of numbing product to choose for your skin?

Different type of numbing solutions

For painless skin procedures and body art processes, there are numerous numbing products available. These can be sprays, creams, ointments, gels, and much more. But are all these same? Do they work in similar manner? Are they equally effective? Will it be safe to use them?

To have answers for all these questions you need to first know a little more detail about these products.

  1. Numbing Spray: As the name suggests, the numbing agent is released in the spray form. It works in compressed form similar to your perfume bottle. Simple, the numbing components are tightly compressed in this case and are made to release as mists or drops on skin. The major benefit is that you don’t need to wash your hands after and before using it, like in case of gels and creams.
  2. Numbing Cream: It is the most common type of local anesthetic products available in the market. While these are easily available, these are widely used and recommended for tattoos, body art, piercing, and minor surgeries. Many of these can be bought over the counter. Usually, these take a time span of 40-45 minutes to be active and make your skin numb. These creams work by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings.
  3. Numbing Gel:Don’t confuse gel with the creams. Both of these vary in terms of locking effect, absorption, and texture. Though the function mostly remains same, numbing gel is said to be a more jellylike substance without oil. Plus, most of the times these numbing gels are water based and transparent.
  4. Numbing Ointment : Now the third comes, ointment. It is again different from numbing cream and gel in regards with the purpose. As per the experts, ointments are usually applied on the skin during tattoo or piercing aftercare. This is done in order to speed up the recovery process and prevent problems like itching and scratching. As they have oil based substance, it relieves with a cool and calming effect when you rub them on the skin. Also it is said that ointments do offer some degree of protection from infection.

So it is pretty clear that these are not same at all. There is difference in composition and production of these varying numbing products. While they may share a similar function, i.e. to numb your skin, the fact is that every numbing product is different in terms of formulation and efficiency. It is highly essential for you to choose the right product. You must consider a safe solution like NumbSkin cream which comes with 5% lidocaine. Being a FDA compliant product it is safe to use for all skin types. You can buy it online or from a nearby store. Just an application of 45 minutes can desensitize your skin for three to four hours. Hence, it is efficient too.

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