What to expect when getting Botox for the first time

What to expect when getting Botox for the first time

Posted by Dr. James Hadfield on 2019 Apr 23rd

To retain youthful experience people are opting for Botox cosmetic procedure which is popular worldwide for its efficacy. The Botox drug called botulinum toxin is extracted from neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria which is a proven therapeutic protein. When the dosage and frequency of injecting the skin with this drug is right it can help in reducing wrinkle lines which make you appear old.

The drug weakens the muscles in the facial area temporarily and reduces the wrinkles of a youthful appearance. It is effective in face areas including laugh lines, creases on the sides of the mouth, wrinkles around the corner of the eyes and other facial wrinkles. The treatment is opted for by the people in the age group of 20-30 and it is commonly done by women. In fact only 9% of reported Botox treatments are done by men.

This non-invasive procedure is very safe as if got done by a professional. The patient will notice the effects after three to five days of the treatmentwith more visible results achieved in just 14 days. People having stronger facial muscles might see the results a few days later. With time the first Botox treatment will result in smoother skin for three to six months before it starts to fade away and wrinkles will reappear.

The first time Botox treatment will not have the most exceptional results that you anticipate and you’ll have to go for multiple treatments to get the desired effects. Normally it takes two to three sessions in a span of a year to expect fruitful results. Since the muscles of facial area are conditioned and respond to the drug, the skin gets more time to regenerate collagen and the lines and wrinkles are filled.

Is it painful?

For first timers the main concern is the pain during the procedure. As there are going to be needles in your face, you’d expect it to be painful. On the contrary, it is not painful, and almost comparable to what you’ll feel like during acupuncture. Even if you feel a faint pain for a few seconds when the drug is injected, ask for a numbing cream/lotion to numb the pain.

Things to keep in mind

  • After the treatment avoid intense physical activity and don’t consume too much alcohol or avoid it totally.
  • There’s can be allergic reactions like redness or swelling of skin due to over dosage of the drug, especially if you get it done from an inexperienced practitioner.
  • Enquire about the Botox injection – the brand and expiry date.
  • The injection should not be diluted to keep the cost down, so avoid practitioners who are doing it for a very low cost as they might be diluting the injection.
  • If not done properly or injected in the wrong spot, the drug can spread to your facial nerves, resulting in expressionless face or drooping of skin.
  • If you have swollen or dry eyes, constant headaches, neck pain, vision problems like double vision or allergic reactions immediately consult your doctor.
  • After the treatment if you experience difficulty in breathing, heart palpitation, edema, loss of bladder control or have difficulty in breathing it is time to seek expert advice as the procedure might not have been done as intended.

Like all other cosmetic treatments, Botox too has its own risks if not done properly, so it is important to research about the medical professional and discuss all the implications and the expected results.