2019 Apr 19th

Getting an industrial piercing can be an exciting moment. Especially, for those who crave for pleasure and pain together, it can be a perfect choice. But before you get it done, it is essential to learn about this form of body modification in detail. Get started.

What are industrial piercings?

Basically, in this style of piercing, there are two holes of cartilage or tissue connected with a barbell. It is also known as scaffold piercings and the two holes are generally 1.5” apart. Of course, it is not mandatory to use an industrial barbell, however, it is recommended as a common practice by the piercers. And there is no such special meaning attached to them. It is just that this gives you a unique choice to get pierced. These perforations are nowadays for displaying tribal patterns, flowers, crosses, or reptiles such as snakes, lizards, etc.

How an industrial piercing is done?

First thing comes first; you need to look for an experienced and professional piercer. He will set up everything for you in the right way. Usually, he will need a hollow needle, the jewelry and the disinfectant to clean the surface. The piercer will wash his hands and wear the gloves to protect you from any germs or infection. The next step will be marking the locations of the piercings. There are chances that he opts to draw a line between the two piercings. It is done in order to give you a better understanding of how the finished piercing will look. In case, you don’t like the alignment you can ask for the change. But if you agree to the alignment, he might apply a numbing cream and let you rest for some time. After a certain time, he will make the first hole, followed by insertion of jewelry in it. Then he will make the second hole and put the other side of the jewelry.

Will it hurt?

The next most common question asked is whether it hurts, and the answer is YES. Just like any other piercing, it will be hurtful and can be even more as it includes two perforations. But you can make it a painless experience by using a numbing cream. Application of topical anesthetic solution like NumbSkin cream can help desensitizing your skin for several hours. Thus, there will be no sensation felt.

How to help the healing process for industrial piercing?

The healing process for industrial piercings will take up to six months. You need to take extra care of it as a wound on your skin to speed up the process. Follow some of the essential tips stated below:

  • Even in you are too tempted to clean your ear with soap or shower gel, it is highly advised to use normal water and the recommended solutions by your piercer. Cleaning it twice a day is sufficient.
  • Swimming has to be a no-go, no matter how addicted you are to it. Whether it is chlorinated or untreated water, doing so you will be exposing yourself to inflammation or infection.
  • Stay away from alcohol and nicotine consumption as it can affect your health and hinder your tissue and cartilage from healing.
  • Frozen bags or cold compresses can help healing the skin that hurts. But you should avoid too many ice packs after getting an industrial piercing to avoid bacterial infection.
  • A lot of people overlook the harm of sleeping on pierced ear. This form of piercings creates two large holes and sleeping on the same side can be super harmful.

Lastly, keeping your entire body healthy will help speed up the healing process. Stay healthy for a happy piercing!