NumbSkin® 5% Lidocaine Cream 30 g

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Product Description

  • IMAGINE NOT BEING AFRAID OF FEELING PAIN ANYMORE? What if you could finally do this sexy piercing or tattoo that you are always dreaming about, without feeling any pain. The lidocaine cream 5% will give you the freedom to make them happen and much more. What are you waiting for?

  • STOP THE PAIN BEFORE DOING YOUR TATTOO: Tattoos in sensitive areas are the most painful. How to make sure that you are not going to stop in the middle as it can take a few hours? Tattoo topical numbing cream lidocaine 5% will prevent the pain, lasting up to 4 hours on any part of your body, nothing more to say.

  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCT & MADE IN CANADA: We believe in the purpose of taking care of everyone. Secured with Child-Resistant Cap, our products are cruelty-free; no animals were used for testing.

  • PROTECT YOUR SKIN DURING LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Are you dreaming about the perfect soft and smooth body but getting a laser hair removal session is making you hesitate? You are right, it is not possible to do it without feeling the pain. This fast-acting pain relief cream will get you ready in 15-30 minutes.

  • LIVE A PAIN-FREE LIFE AGAIN: Constant nerve pain in your feet or hands can have a real effect on your daily life. Mood swinging, having trouble sleeping, or feeling low energy, can prevent you from doing the things you love & spending quality time with your family. NumbSkin’s foot pain relief products will block the pain for hours.


  • 5
    Numb skin 5%

    Posted by Andrea Smith on 2021 Dec 27th

    Love the product and really worth buying. IT’S ALWAYS QUALITY OVER QUANTITY FOR ME

  • 5
    The best!!!!!

    Posted by Krissy Norris on 2021 Dec 17th

    Just got my tattoo today and when I tell you I couldn't feel ANYTHING!!! No pain for two and a half hours of the tattoo! She did the letters down my spine and I felt nothing. Very happy with this product it did what it was suppose to do!

  • 5
    Great for sensitive waxers

    Posted by Julien Le Tohic on 2021 Dec 17th

    Godsend for waxing legs. I used to be such a baby about it but this product helps so much! Definitely use as directed.

  • 4
    Used it for my tattoo!!

    Posted by Michaela on 2021 Nov 20th

    A Bought this to use for a tattoo session. It worked exactly like it was suppose to! I didn't feel anything. When he was sharing I felt a little discomfort mostly pressure. I will be buying more of this and using it for my next session!!

  • 5
    Saved me tears

    Posted by Miquelle M on 2021 Oct 28th

    This is the outline of my tattoo, I'm currently on the table and I just had to write about this cream! I put it on an hour before and did the plastic wrap, I have been dreading getting the back of my thighs done but now I can confidently plan for the other leg. This cream for sure took 90% of the pain away, thank you!

  • 5
    Does exactly what it is supposed to.

    Posted by Meagan Murray on 2021 Oct 22nd

    I have to say I was skeptical when buying this thinking (this probably won't work but I might as well give it a shot) and I was pleasantly surprised. I have about 4-5 tattoos at this point and one of them got infected ( on my inner forearm / wrist) when I got it a month ago so it has been a process of going back and filling in all the areas that were damaged and to say it is more painful to tattoo an area that has been infected is an understatement. I used this ointment as directed ( and followed the advice of wrapping it up and leaving it for an hour prior to the tattoo) and I felt almost nothing this time around. I also got a fresh ankle tattoo at this appointment time as well and it didn't work as well for this location but it is possible I didn't wrap it properly/ I took it off too far apart to when I was tattooed. So I am still giving 5 stars ! I also didn't do much pre prep like exfoliation or anything because I had to run to the appointment from school so that could also be another reason why it wasn't as potent. I 100% recommend

  • 5
    This cream is AMAZING!

    Posted by CLM on 2021 Oct 21st

    For tattoo pain relieve, look no further! I got a full elbow tattoo. Everyone in the shop warned me about how much it'll hurt. My artist even stopped every so often to make sure I was ok… I swear this was the easiest most comfortable tattoo I've ever gotten! At times I didn't feel an ounce of pain only heavy vibrations from the tattoo gun… start applying the cream the night before and you'll have no regrets!

  • 5
    This worked for me, everyone is f

    Posted by Jerome W. on 2021 Sep 21st

    Knowing how to use it makes all the difference. I read a few reviews before I purchased the item. It's been a while since my last tattoo & I've decided to get my legs done. What I did was washed my leg ( the portion I was getting tatted) along with an exfoliant, once dry rub alcohol on the leg (to open pores). Let that dry them put an amount as if you're going to lotion that area. And rub it in completely. Next put a heaping amount of the cream on your leg & wrap it with plastic wrap. I prepped an hour before my tattoo & it was an hour drive. So a little over 2 hours & it worked wonders.

  • 5
    Lol definitely works

    Posted by Heidi Marie on 2021 Sep 10th

    Totally worked for my boob tattoo lol barely felt it . First time I ever used numbing cream and everyone told me it wouldn't work but I figured I'd try for this painful location, worth it !

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