NumbSkin® 5% Lidocaine Cream 30 g

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Product Description

  • IMAGINE NOT BEING AFRAID OF FEELING PAIN ANYMORE? What if you could finally do this sexy piercing or tattoo that you are always dreaming about, without feeling any pain. The lidocaine cream 5% will give you the freedom to make them happen and much more. What are you waiting for?

  • STOP THE PAIN BEFORE DOING YOUR TATTOO: Tattoos in sensitive areas are the most painful. How to make sure that you are not going to stop in the middle as it can take a few hours? Tattoo topical numbing cream lidocaine 5% will prevent the pain, lasting up to 4 hours on any part of your body, nothing more to say.

  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCT & MADE IN CANADA: We believe in the purpose of taking care of everyone. Secured with Child-Resistant Cap, our products are cruelty-free; no animals were used for testing.

  • PROTECT YOUR SKIN DURING LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Are you dreaming about the perfect soft and smooth body but getting a laser hair removal session is making you hesitate? You are right, it is not possible to do it without feeling the pain. This fast-acting pain relief cream will get you ready in 15-30 minutes.

  • LIVE A PAIN-FREE LIFE AGAIN: Constant nerve pain in your feet or hands can have a real effect on your daily life. Mood swinging, having trouble sleeping, or feeling low energy, can prevent you from doing the things you love & spending quality time with your family. NumbSkin’s foot pain relief products will block the pain for hours.


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    Posted by K. Smith on 2022 Mar 18th

    This stuff is absolutely amazing! Numbs you right up and you can barely feel anything.

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    Worked very well

    Posted by michelle on 2022 Mar 14th

    I used this to get 2 tattoos in the same sitting. Lasted through the entire process 3 1/2 hours. I will use this for all my tattoos. I just wish I discovered it sooner.

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    6 hour back tat went by like a breeze

    Posted by Patricia on 2022 Mar 14th

    This product is 10/10 amazing!! I sat for a 6 hour back tattoo, & felt nothing the first 4 hours. As any numbing, it does wear off. But only the last 2 hours is better than 6 hours of pain! I've already recommended so many to this product and will 100% use it again. Tattoos do not have to hurt that stigma is soooo dumb. I wrapped myself tightly in Saran Wrap for 2 hours and didn't take it off until the artist was putting the stencil on. Amazing product!

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    I've tried others but this one is the best!

    Posted by Sara on 2022 Mar 12th

    I have a ton of tattoos, and I never used to use numbing cream, but recently I wanted to get a heavy cover up and then start a sleeve. It numbed me up for a good 2 and a half hours through my sessions! It makes it bearable when I have to sit for long sessions. The only thing I will say is, if you're planning to sit for a long session, it hurts a lot worse once the pain settles in because your body can't tell it's in pain so when it hits, it hits hard. But worth it! Especially for smaller ones! I've tried other numbing creams that were cheaper, but they really don't compare to Numbskin. It's worth the extra change!

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    Posted by Bethzaida on 2022 Mar 4th

    Me gusto es bueno

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    This works great prior to a tattoo! Awesome!!

    Posted by Valerie Taukinukufili on 2022 Feb 24th

    I put it on 45 mins prior to the appointment and didn't feel a thing. I almost fell asleep during the tattoo. I highly recommend this product!

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    Sternum tat — no pain at all

    Posted by LilyLily on 2022 Feb 8th

    Put it on about an hour before, didn't even use half the tube.I didn't have Saran Wrap so I just cut a little plastic sandwich bag and stuck it over the cream while I drove to the parlor.Worked perfectly! By the time the artist was wiping the cream off I couldn't feel it at all. I've had many other tats without numbing so that was such a cool feeling

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    It does what it says!!!!

    Posted by Tiffany on 2022 Jan 18th

    Numbskin was highly recommend to me by several different people. It works I put it on an hour before my tattoo and felt very little pain. I am a weenie when it comes to pain. It made my arm completely numb and my tattoo artist was pleased that that's what I used instead of cheap crap that may affect the outlook of the tattoo. She also was glad I didn't move bc I may have if it wasn't numb. Thank u Numbskin I will use this in the future and definitely recommend!

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    Great for shots

    Posted by Jessica on 2022 Jan 14th

    After a lot of research I decided to try Numbskin because my child has a huge fear of shots in addition to sensory issues. It's expensive but this made a tremendous difference to my daughter and was completely worth it to me. She said she felt the pressure from her shot but no pain.

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