NumbSkin® Basic Skin Numbing and Tattoo Aftercare Kit

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Product Description

  • THE ULTIMATE PAIN-FREE TATTOO KIT INCLUDES: This ultimate tattoo kit includes 1 Bottle of NumbSkin® Topical Anesthetic Foam Soap-1.7 oz, 1 tube of NumbSkin® 5% Lidocaine Cream-30g and 1 tube of HealTattoo® Premium Tattoo Aftercare Cream 2 oz (60 ml).

  • BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTERCARE ALL IN ONE KIT: The ultimate pain-free tattoo pack will prepare you for the ideal end-to-end tattoo experience, including everything you need to know about preparing for your next tattoo, as well as aftercare and recovery.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO TATTOO PAIN: Say goodbye to tattoo pain and tattoo wound with NumbSkin® numb premium pain-free tattoo kit. This ultimate pain-free tattoo kit will give you hours of pain-free time in the tattoo studio and help you to restore your skin.

  • GREAT FOR THE TATTOO ARTIST: Allow your tattooist to take his or her time and give you the best results possible. Our numbing cream will allow you to stay in a better mood for longer sessions.

  • A GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR BEST FRIENDS: This pack is a great gift idea for a friend who loves tattoos with all the products to keep them going!


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    Works good Combo-3X

    Posted by Lisa Haynes on 2022 Apr 17th

    NumbSkin Basic Skin Numbing and Tattoo Aftercare Kit is best Combo-3X pack for me. I'm happy to purchase this products. It's cheap and most effective. Highly recommended for everyone.

  • 5
    Best package Combo-3X ever

    Posted by Callum on 2022 Apr 4th

    I got enough numbing for a little time. Combo-3X is a full package after and before the numbing process. HealTattoo is an aftercare healing cream for tattoo brightness and long lasting.

  • 5
    Great product Combo-3X

    Posted by Liz on 2022 Mar 4th

    I purchased this Combo-3X item for my laser hair removal sessions and wow what a difference. I applied the product about 20 mins before and did not feel a thing durning my session. I would highly recommend this Combo-3X products.

  • 5
    Great for microblading!

    Posted by mak on 2022 Jan 29th

    Works great for microblading!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Lee on 2022 Jan 9th

    THIS WORKS!! I applied a thick layer on my rib cage and saran wrap an hour before my tattoo and I didn’t feel a thing. I definitely recommend this products Combo-3X. I will definitely be using this again.

  • 5
    Had a terrible experience during your first Brazilian was?

    Posted by Jayden on 2021 Oct 16th

    If you have a low tolerance for pain buy this. You won’t regret it. I had a horrible experience my first time getting a Brazilian wax. Used this the second time and I couldn’t believe how much it decreased the pain. My pain went from a 10 to a 2. Amazing.

  • 5
    Very effective for facial treatments

    Posted by JQ on 2021 Sep 29th

    Works well for microneedling.

  • 5
    Works on pain on the body face arms wherever u need it.

    Posted by Susanne Perrin on 2021 Sep 14th

    This stuff works very well. I use it on my face because I have trygeminal neuralgia and it helps stop the pain.

  • 5
    Great stuff

    Posted by maggiemay on 2021 Aug 12th

    This stuff is awesome! I was using it wrong at first and using it like a lotion. Now I use it for waxing all the time and I can barely feel a thing!

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