NumbSkin® Premium Skin Numbing and Tattoo Aftercare Kit

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Product Description

  • THE ULTIMATE PAIN-FREE TATTOO KIT INCLUDES: This ultimate tattoo kit includes 2 Bottles of NumbSkin® Topical Anesthetic Foam Soap-1.7 oz, 2 tubes of NumbSkin® 5% Lidocaine Cream-30g, and 2 tubes of HealTattoo® Premium Tattoo Aftercare Cream 2 oz (60 ml).

  • BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTERCARE ALL IN ONE KIT: The ultimate pain-free tattoo pack will prepare you for the ideal end-to-end tattoo experience, including everything you need to know about preparing for your next tattoo, as well as aftercare and recovery.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO TATTOO PAIN: Say goodbye to tattoo pain and tattoo wound with NumbSkin® numb premium pain-free tattoo kit. This ultimate pain-free tattoo kit will give you hours of pain-free time in the tattoo studio and help you to restore your skin.

  • GREAT FOR THE TATTOO ARTIST: Allow your tattooist to take his or her time and give you the best results possible. Our numbing cream will allow you to stay in a better mood for longer sessions.

  • A GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR BEST FRIENDS: This pack is a great gift idea for a friend who loves tattoos with all the products to keep them going!


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    Combo-6X is best products

    Posted by Virginiaalanis on 2022 Feb 12th

    NumbSkin Premium Skin Numbing and Tattoo Aftercare Kit really works great!! Definitely recommend it.

  • 5
    Will purchase again and again!

    Posted by Danielle Rush on 2022 Feb 8th

    Used this for a laser hair treatment, did not feel a thing! I did put this on one hour before treatment, wrapped in seran wrap and wiped off as the appointment began. Recommended this to all who may have to endure painful procedures (tattoo, waxing, etc.) - will buy again for sure! Wish there was more in the container, but still an amazing product!

  • 5
    So freaking awesome!!

    Posted by Tabbetha LeVeque on 2022 Feb 3rd

    Over anticipated the pain of a face tatt so I got this and this worked sooo well. All I felt was pressure! So incredible. Worth the buy if you're worried about a tattoo hurting! But always consult your artist first that is important!

  • 5
    Fantastic for wart removal

    Posted by Michaela on 2022 Feb 1st

    Doc told me to remove dead warts on my feet after using antiwart medicine on weekly basis. The pain was unbearable and I would not be able to do it without applying this product.

  • 5

    Posted by Maria de Jesus Oropesa on 2022 Jan 31st

    Rapido alivio de la moestia yo lo uso para mis dolores articulares y de la columna, ha sido muy eficaz comparado con otros que he comprado, lo volvere a adquirirgracias

  • 5
    It Works

    Posted by R. Andrus on 2022 Jan 22nd

    Works very well to numb the pain and irritation on my foot. I have tried other topical creams for the pain and was especially surprised to find one that actually worked.

  • 5
    Gold mine Combo-6X!

    Posted by MountainGirl21 on 2022 Jan 21st

    I use this for tattoo removal, which is more painful than getting a tattoo itself. Let me tell you… this stuff works incredibly well. I can hardly feel the laser (picosure) and I went go to a removal session without it.

  • 5
    I didn’t feel a thing!!!

    Posted by Shelby on 2022 Jan 6th

    10/10 I will never get a tattoo without it! I got my inner arm tattoo and didn’t feel a thing!!!! It lasted about an hour and 10 min. I mean, wow I was skeptical and this product went above and beyond!!!

  • 5
    Never felt my tattoo

    Posted by Joshua on 2021 Dec 26th

    I used this product twice, I put a generous amount on the area to be tattooed and covered it with saran wrap 3 hours before my tattoo, and I was able to sit for 3 hours before I felt anything the artist was doing.

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